Tuesday, April 3, 2007

LONG Drive

Well, got back from driving Jim to Charlotte...was 4 hours each way and when we got to the truck, we discovered it was vile...the last person that drove it smoked and there was ash and smell throughout the truck.
Good thing is, we had cleaning supplies...still smells, but no longer filthy and sticky...spent an hour or so cleaning before returning home.
Other good thing is that when he got to the truck, there was already a scheduled run for him so he took a nap and took off for New Jersey about an hour ago. He sounds in good spirits, I know he is glad to have the truck to himself. He can set the pace and not have to deal with Mark anymore.
I'm exhausted, I never want to be a truck driver. It is too long and tiring. Give me a busy emergency room any day of the week!

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Jan said...

You must be tired!