Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of the year!

So, December 31st.
We have had quite the year.
We moved from Greenville North Carolina to Greensboro North Carolina for my job. I now work at a smaller hospital in the Emergency Room. And I love it!
Jim changed driving companies shortly after moving to Greensboro. He loves his job. The hours/miles are more consistent. It is for a small company within a big company so we enjoy the health benefits, retirement benefits that would come with a big company.
Amilia and Nathan started at a new school. Nathan is being tested for Accelerated Learning. Amilia is being tested for learning disabilities. Her head injury two years ago may have a much longer lasting effect than we had anticipated.
Amilia and Nathan started riding lessons. Nathan no longer taking lessons but he loves going to the barn and pushing around the wheelbarrows...
Amilia had the opportunity to ride a larger pony at the stables near our house for a couple of weeks, but then the owner stopped allowing her to come over because she says "you're driving me crazy." About the same time I was getting stressed out because she was not giving me clear directions of what she wanted me to do! So, although Amilia is no longer riding Peaceful, the short amount of intensive riding improved her riding abilities enormously! She is now very confident and able to post without difficulty. She will continue riding Magic until she can canter on her and keep her seat. She is improving quickly. What she does from week to week is amazing growth and learning. She now gets an hour (because Nathan has stopped) and Annette, her instructor is amazed at how well she is riding now.
I hurt my back on September 17th and I am still struggling with the pain and with work. I did not work for 3 months, went back and had to immediately stop again. I had an injection of steroids about 3 weeks ago that lasted about 10 days. I worked two weekends, then stopped working again. So, I am scheduled for another injection on Friday. Hopefully, it will bring great results and I will be pain free for longer.
So we say goodbye to 2007 and pray for a happy, healthy 2008!

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