Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rough weekend

Kids were willful, husband tired, me--unusually difficult work on Friday night and Saturday night.
Caos in the emergency room--a dozen patients in the waiting room waiting to be seen. Really sick patients and the fools that do stupid things that take up way too much time. On young man was brought in by the police because he ate a gram of cocaine---in front of the police, so he could not be accused. Well...we have our ways of collecting evidence...and saving his life. Tube down his nose into his stomach to suck out the contents, then a liquid called "Golitely"...not pleasant, not an acurate name because you sure do not go "lightly". He ended up vomiting 5 bags of cocaine, who knows how much came out the other end. What came up was enough to convict of selling. So, after monitoring for 6 hours, off he went in cuffs with the police. Would have been a lot less painful for him and for us if he had just given up at the time he was caught...
The good thing about my shift is the people I work with...we all share in the misery and the joys. We have fun when we can and work hard together when we cannot.
This morning woke up with a lot of lower back, leg, hip, knee and ankle pain from the bulging disc flaring up. When I sit too much, it flares. Sunday was calm...too calm--after about 1am, we didn't get any more patients so sitting was what we did. Recovering from the rough weekend. Now I am paying for it. No more sitting for awhile....
One more weekend then Family Camp! Can't wait!

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