Thursday, April 16, 2009

Long day

You'd think that having the kiddo's away for spring break to the in-laws, my life would be easier...well, went to the ortho doc today, need an MRI to see what is really going on in the knee. He thinks I have either stretched the ACL and torn the lateral meniscus or have completely torn the ACL and the muscles surrounding my knee have developed enough with PT that it is somewhat stabilizing it. I continue to have to wear a hinged knee brace to keep from pivoting the knee but with it on, I am able to pretty much do what I want pain free. The problem I now have is a really ugly rash on my leg where the brace is...yucky, isn't it?
Anyways, after the MD visit, I decided to go to Dick's to pick up some exercise bands that I can use in the office while I am at work and starting to feel sleepy.
After Dick's, I saw the AAA car care center and remembered that I needed an oil change and tire rotation....ended up walking out of there spending almost $700! Needed new wiper blades (knew that) needed new tie rods (didn't know that) and needed new front break pads (didn't know that).
So, after all the work we have done getting to a zero balance on the credit cards, now I have a balance again:(
BUT, I now know that the wheel will not fall off while driving done route 40!
I did not get home until around 7pm! Left the house at 9:30am! But brought the latest Grisham book and have read quite a bit of it.
I also got everything needed out in the mail for our mortgage! YEAH...I did not have a signed contract until Tuesday evening, then had to go to work Wednesday and had planned on getting it out this morning after my doctors appointment. It went into the mail at the post office, but will not go out until tomorrow:( I would have brought it myself, but it is in Raleigh and by the time the van was fixed it was after 5pm. Went to Staples, made a copy of everything, then went to the post office and dropped it in the box.
I am working 6-6 for the next three days so I had to get it done today...yeah!

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Jan said...

Oh what an awful rash! What are you putting on it to make it go away???