Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Work, House, Kids

I have been busy.

Oriented and worked at a new position. I am a "Flow Manager". What I do is watch orders and treatments on the computer in the flow manager office and make sure that patients are not being held up by pending labs, x-rays, treatments etc. If things are pending too long, I call the lab, radiology, the RN or the MD to gently nudge them in the direction of admission or discharge.
I also receive positive culture results--STD's, MRSA, Wound infections---and follow up with the patient after reviewing the charge and talking with the MD about what antibiotic they need to be on. If they are not on an antibiotic, I will call it into the pharmacy that they use and have them pick it up. I give some telephone medical advise, but usually if they have a medical problem, I encourage them to either come to the emergency room or go to their primary doctor.
Another thing that I follow are animal bites. These are faxed to animal control. I also make sure that the patient is scheduled appropriately for vaccinations.
It is not difficult work, it can be busy, but it also can be long...
I have met some great people while working. One in particular has done things I wouldn't have expected. Mom called in a severe asthma attack, she did not want to go to the hospital. T was working on labs and she stopped what she was doing, found me a plane ticket for the next day for a very low cost! I ended up not going, but having someone do that for me when we really don't know each other well is amazing and a blessing! Thanks T!

Looked at, got husband to look and and bought a new house: http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/900-Steeple-Chase-Lane_Greensboro_NC_27406_1107659962?gate=msn&source=a2mszh1t042
(Pending financing, inspection)

Got the kids back into the swing of things with me at work---then packed them up and sent them to the in-laws for spring break. It has been weird, not having to rush home by 2:45pm. I catch myself looking at the clock and thinking I have to hurry, then laugh at myself. I have had leisure days riding around by myself. Jim was home on Saturday and Sunday, left very early Monday morning...I did not have to get up for anything!!! Still up at 8am...can't convince the bladder and the stomach to go back to sleep.

I've been to the doctor three times this week--the brace I have been wearing caused a massive rash/contact dermatitis and infection which is thankfully clearing up.
I see an orthopedic doctor on Thursday. I think that they are going to want to do surgery to fix, but I need an MRI prior to anything else. Maybe it will improve with time like my back has. The medications I take for my back have seemed to keep my knee pain to the minimum.
The problem is, when I am not wearing the knee brace, the knee has twisted and popped in the wrong direction twice and it is scary. I really didn't have any pain except the initial pain when I twisted it, but I am afraid if I keep doing this, I will eventually tear everything up.
So, for two days, I went without the brace and had to use crutches---ugg. Today went back in, got a cotton sleeve from the MD to put under the brace and she is letting me off the crutches.

I go to work tomorrow, armed with reading/study material. I will be taking the CEN exam (Certified Emergency Nurse) in September. We have formed a study group that meets once a month, but I still need to study on my own. There is also an intense class in August that I think I might try to take to make sure I know what I need to know.

Life is good...we are enjoying the kids, excited about the new house, excited about starting over (not really starting over but having a new house that we can do what we want with is very exciting!).

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