Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fell through

Well, the position at the outpatient clinic fell through. Apparently they do not need free help. Makes me frustrated and I feel like I must have presented myself poorly when I spent three hours there the other day...I have another possible position. Working with Guilford County Pediatrics...not sure what the job is, but it has to do with working with teens.
I also put in a plee to my manager....PLEASE, use me! Where ever I work, it will be charged to the ED, so it would make sense to use me...
My manage will let the Department head know I want to work!

Amilia got her bike out on was beautiful. Her knees were hitting her chin she has grown so much. So we bought her another bike, this one an 18 speed. She was very frustrated with it! She is not strong enough to change the gears so got stuck at the bottom of the hill. Walked the bike up, dropped it on the side of the road and said she did not want it any more. We did this about 5 times---with no more going down the hill, just riding on the flat. Each time, I got on the bike (with my knees the my chin), adjusted the gears until we have it perfect. She will leave it where it is. She can get up the little hills and go fast enough going down the little hills. She is just not riding down the big hill at the end of the road.
The kids are out riding right now. We have had rain, rain, rain and finally, a couple of hours ago, the sun came out. So after supper, I sent them out.

My knee gave out pretty bad yesterday. I had on a hinged knee brace that seemed to work, but when I was trying to get up off the floor (the kids and I were looking for games), then knee popped three times and I almost threw up...Still pretty sore, but I am wearing the expensive, itchy, heavy duty brace that makes my knee feel much more stable. I have fat upper thighs, so the inside metal part of the upper brace digs in and can hurt. I have discovered that using my fluffy winter sock covering the metal part helps. I have been able to walk around all day without difficulty...

JIM IS HOME! Got home yesterday, hopefully will be home until Sunday. I have a big honey due list, but don't know if it will get done...just glad he is home!

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