Saturday, March 28, 2009

Outpatient Clinic

Yesterday, I spent from 10am to 1pm at the outpatient clinic run by Moses Cone. It is essentially a free clinic for people who cannot afford insurance and meet a certain financial criteria. The MD staffing is residents and one Attending so really, it is more a learning experience for the residents and free care for the patients that need it.
Part of this is also an Infectious Disease clinic that sees mostly HIV patients. Their care falls under the Ryan White Grant so their care is free as well. This clinic has over 1200 patients.
What I will be doing is what ever they need me to do. I can make phone calls to patients about test results, follow-up care, scheduling appointments. I can work out in the clinic and assist with patient care and I can assist with the pharmacy refills. Right now, a little confusing, but feels familiar because of working at Kaiser.
The staff are very happy I will be there because there is not funding for additional staffing and I will be paid through the ED. So basically, I am free help for the Outpatient clinic.
It is going to be a great learning experience and I plan to take some of the knowledge back to the ED. Because all we see in the ED are patients that are either discharged, admitted, sent to the OR or die, we don't have the awareness of how the outpatient clinic runs. So I plan on learning as much as I can and then presenting it to my fellow staff when I return to the ED.
It has been raining, raining, raining for the past few days. My front yard is a big puddle. But right after lunch, there was a period of time that there was no rain and both Nathan and Amilia went out and rode their bikes.
Nathan got a bike for Christmas (Jim picked it out) and it ended up being too big at that time. It is still a little big, but I started him out, showed him how the gears worked (running beside him) and he was able to quickly take off and start riding. He loves that he can down shift and get up the hill in our front yard. We also have quite a hill at the end of our street and he has never been able to ride up it. Today he did. Amilia has a bigger bike (then his old one) and she has been able to get up the hill without difficulty.
In the next three days, I am going to sort through more junk in the house and put together a good will pile. Every year, the school collects in a big tractor trailer all the good will stuff they can and the school gets school supplies per the number of pounds of stuff collected. I have Nathan's old bike, bags and bags of clothing, a sunroom to clean out and a shed to clean out. I wonder if they would take the swimming pool? It is in the garage and we have everything that goes with it. We will probably not use it this year (Grammy camp for the kids for the summer). More weight, more stuff!

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