Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This morning while mowing, my neighbor called and left a message that Blacky was at her house and had attacked her. She did not get injured, but it scared her. Blacky is our all black cat that we have had for three years. He has always been very friendly and sweet, so I did not think that this was our cat.
When I got there, I discovered it was Blacky. He let me come and pick him up, but then started snarling and trying to bite me.
I immediately got him into a cat kennel and brought him to the vet.
They gave him anesthesia so they could check him out without getting injured themselves and found an old healing bite on his front leg.
I had made an appointment two months prior to get his rabies shot updated but I was not able to find him at the time and never followed up.
So this afternoon, we had to put Blacky to sleep. The vet thinks he has rabies because of the behavior and having missed his rabies shot (by a year:(. ).
The entire family is upset, but especially me and Amilia. Me because I should have brought him in to the vet and gotten his shots updated. Amilia because she was so attached to him.
We will miss him.

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