Sunday, March 22, 2009

House Cleaning

This morning, Amilia's room finally got to me. It has been an ongoing battle to get her and Nathn to clean them up. Daisy sleeps with her or with Nathan so not only is there dirty and clean clothing scattered all around, toys, dolls, horses, stuffed animals, paper, trash and food, but it is all covered with hair. I took all of her stuff and tossed it on her bed while she was out playing in the beautiful sunny weather.
She was pissed when she came in. She could not find anything and she could not play in her room. So, I told her that once everything was off the floor, we would vacuum, then go and get something to put her stuff in. I also told Nathan that while Amilia and I were finishing her room, he was to put all of his stuff on his bed so we could vacuum.
So, the kids and I went to McDonald's for lunch, then spent a bit of money on plastic storage containers. Nathan said his first cuss word without thinking. Amilia was being a pill in the car and Nathan told her to stop being a smart ass. Told him I used to get a mouth full of Ivory soap for that. Told him that if he cusses again, he will get a mouth full of Irish Spring (only bar soap we have, it's Jim's) Called Jim while in the car to tell him and Jim wouldn't stop laughing. Hard to keep a straight face while driving and telling the story and needed Nathan to realize we were serious. Anyways, sounded funny coming out of his mouth, but he should not be saying it anymore.
I think I vacuumed up more hair than what is actually on Daisy right now. I found the source of the ant attraction and Amilia found a library book she has been missing for was under her bed.
She finally gave out about 5pm...I was pretty impressed because she stuck with it and continued to work with me the entire time (it was about 2 hours). What is left is three boxes (one very large!) full of her stuff and clear, clean places for her to put her stuff during the next week. We are going to work on each room every day until it is completely done.
So next we had to order Dominoes...too tired to cook!
Then I got to tackle Nathan's. Needless to say, he spent most of the time playing with stuff he discovered as he was putting stuff on his bed. I finally threatened to take everything left on the floor, put it in a bag and bring it to good will. He finished. But not without me being in there. So, in his room, I found candy rappers galore under his bed as well as lots and lots of Daisy hair. He also did great when I finally came in. He actually ended up with a green garbage bag full of toys to go to good will...YEAH Nathan! We had to stop at 8:30pm so Amilia could go to sleep. He also is left with three boxes of stuff to be sorted and put away.
So, tonight, for the first time since I hurt my knee, I am actually physically tired. I have been very lazy for the last three weeks. I have done my PT and that's about it.
I have been tired and depressed, but this certainly makes me feel much better.
I did have a couple of tweeks in my knee, so I will not work tomorrow. I am scheduled to go to the doctor on Friday, but I am going to try and get in sooner, was planning for tomorrow, but now will wait until Tuesday. I have been in a knee brace up until yesterday, took it off to see if I could manage without it because the ED will not let me come back until I have it off.
Did great yesterday, a couple of tweeks today but no really lasting pain. I am off to bed to ice the knee and sleep.
Tomorrow, I will tackle the rest of my room. I started on mine, but then got really involved with the kids. My room isn't that bad, just lots of clutter accumulated that needs to go in other rooms.
Good Night

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