Friday, March 27, 2009

Insane week

Both kids went back to school today. Nathan went back yesterday, he seems to have bounced back a lot better than Amilia.
Amilia finally slept through the night last night. The night before, she cried herself to sleep and then was up and down, "I want Blacky".
This morning, only heard that once and it was a statement rather than a pitiful cry.
Although it has been rough, we (Nathan, Amilia and I) have spent a lot of time talking. Not just about Blacky and dying, but appropriate behaviour, especially when someone else is having a difficult time.
So on Wednesday morning, we had a mission. We were going to find two stuffed solid black cats to bring home to remind the kids of Blacky. WE WENT TO ELEVEN (11) STORES! All the while, waiting for the health department to call because we were told that if Blacky did have rabies, we would find out immediately and need to get rabies shots ourselves. 11 stores! with two sad kids! Finally, at the last place we went, the staff pulled out a catalog and found one to order. We placed the order and will have it in a week. At every store, we would look, then ask, and usually staff would say it would be easier to find that around Halloween. We would then go into the story and the need for a sleeping companion. Only black would do for Amilia. And she would walk around the store, pitiful look on her face. At each place, the staff would send us to another store. I was very impressed at the outpouring of sympathy and assistance.
I was very tired by the end of the day! Then Amilia again couldn't sleep.
The kids have "Benchmark testing" all this week and I was not going to send Amilia in to take tests when she was having a hard time just with every day tasks. She will be making the rest of them up today. She understands that she will probably be testing all day, but it will be one on one and she tests so much better like that.
Yesterday, she stayed home again, was much quieter, not crying as much and we were able to find a stuffed panda that had fur that felt like blacky's. So we got that for her. In the midst of all of this, the cell phone wouldn't charge. I bought a car charger and it did not work. So yesterday we went to three sprint stores before getting it to work. The last one we went to (Just Amilia and I) and we waited about 30 minutes, then had to leave to get Nathan. They told me if I made an appointment, I would get seen sooner. So I made an appointment, left, got Nathan, stopped at Krispy Creme for a snack for Nathan and locked my keys and phones in the car....what a day! Thank God for AAA! and for friendly, helpful people. One of the ladies in line at Krispy Creme had a phone and another one had a AAA card so I was able to call and someone came about 30 minutes later, took him less then 30 seconds to pop open the car!
Next was the return to Sprint. They took me right away, the technician offered to upgrade (down grade actually) my phone for only $99 dollars...nope, just fix the phone, it was less than a year old. He plugged it in and it started charging! So I figure, I had a jinxed phone yesterday. Bought a new car charger (it worked!) and bought a new house charger...prior to opening the box for the new house charger, I unplugged the one I had, plugged it into another outlet and low and behold, the phone was charging.
If things were not so off, I would normally have done that. Now I think of the wasted time yesterday...but we did get a Panda for Amilia and I spent the day with Amilia.
Also ended up getting a call from the outpatient clinic at Moses Cone and they are going to put me to work while my knee gets better...YEAH!!! Daytime hours, Monday through Friday!

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Jan said...

Oh work...night sleep. Just like a regular person!
I'm glad you sorted out your phone.