Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Season

It has been a year since I have posted. A year of ups and downs.
Today I sat and read mom's, Am's, Tee's, Shanna's blogs and wished I had taken the time to put more down in the last year.
So many things have happened.
It has been a difficult year.
Jim gone most of the time.
I'm raising my children alone, children that are wild, crazy, delightful, loving, smart, sassy, beautiful, and very difficult at times.
Spent much of the early part of last year trying to heal my back...hoping that someone would just do surgery and fix it.
Struggling with Amilia and her reading. She is so frustrated but then gives up. So smart, can repeat anything she has seen on TV or has had read to her but when she picks up a book, reads one word at a time. Gives up before she has really tried.
Trying to keep up with Nathan...talks, talks, talks---I realized recently that he has not stopped talking since shortly after birth. Now when he talks, he actually has to explain things to me...I have no idea what he is talking about. He has an amazing mind. Reads constantly (when not allowed on the computer). I must find other things for him to do on the computer other than rodblox.
Last summer was amazing. Spend 5 weeks doing what I loved...playing with kids outside but providing medical care when necessary. Gave my kids an experience that they will never forget. Meeting new kids every week, learning how to get along with new kids in a big group. Playing outside, swimming, learning how to shoot bb guns, horseback riding. They loved it, I loved it.
I am going to try and do it again this year.
Jim ruptured two disc's in his back at the beginning of last summer. Then his work turned down his worker's comp. claim. So no money coming in, no insurance for the month of August, Jim in severe pain for 3 weeks. The great thing was, by the end of 9 weeks, he was pain free and returned to work. Continues to be pain free most of the time. Has started working correctly, using a back brace and a hand cart.
On August 31st, I woke up in the middle of the night with severe pain. Ended up being a single kidney stone in my right ureter. Oh the agony. Worse then child birth...and I have done that twice! A week later, woke up again in the early morning hours with pain that was even worse. Ended up with a lodged kidney stone, hydronephrosis (enlarged kidney full of fluid), pylonephritis (kidney infection) and was in the OR by 10AM. Weeks to recover, again, no money coming in.
At the end of September, again, severe pain but on the right side. This time, turns out to be an Ovarian Cyst that had ruptured. Recovered quickly.
Next came the persistent palpitations. Pretty constant, very weak and fatigued when having them. So the next round of specialists. Cardiologist put me on lopressor which works wonders! Had an Echo Cardiogram of my heart after three abnormal EKG's and my heart is in great shape...could be early perimenopause...come to find out, Mom started early 40's, Thanks Ma! I have had the hot flashes and sweats as well so guess I just have to live through until it is over...can't wait until no period!
December turned out to be one of the worst months of our family's life.
Nathan and Amilia went to the dentist for their routine dental exams. They were both due for their every two year panoramic x-ray. Nathan's showed a tumor/cyst in his upper right jaw. One of his teeth was missing and the rest of the permanent teeth were pushed up or back and crooked. His canine tooth was all the way up into his maxillary sinus.
Jim was just about to leave town but I was able to get him before he left, he met me in town and we brought Nathan to Dr. Mohorn, one of the best oral surgeons in Greensboro.
We have a fantastic babysitter/nanny. I called her from the dentist office and she met with us in town and took Amilia home. WE LOVE LAUREN!
At the surgeons office, Nathan got a CT of his head. The surgeon was still unable to tell what type of tumor he had. But it had to come out as soon as possible.
So three days later, Nathan had it removed. Again, the surgeon could not give us a definite answer as to what was removed. However, it was worse than he thought. He thought he would find a fluid filled cyst with the tooth inside. Instead, it was a jelly like substance with the tooth inside. Much more ominous. We did not get the results until December 23rd. He had what is called and Amilioblatoma which is a form of cancer that usually is not malignant and when it is removed entirely, it will not return.
So we go back to the Dentist every 3 months for a Panoramic x-ray at least for a year, then I do not know how often. Thank-God he was ok.
He did end up getting a pretty bad sinus infection because the surgery included breaking the bone to the sinus cavity but with antibiotics, he is fine. He ended up having 4 baby teeth and 2 permanent teeth removed. At some point he will need braces, possibly a spacer until the permanent teeth come down.
And the latest fiasco is on the one day that there is ice in North Carolina, I, the New Englander, slipped on the ice, injuring my left shoulder and right knee. I have been out of work since the 3rd of March, I finally go back tomorrow (I hope!).
So today, I decided that I am tired of having all this crap happen.
My back is much better.
My knee is much better.
The kids have had a great weekend.
I paid all of my bills today.
I filed my taxes yesterday. And I get money back!
The weather is gorgeous.
The house will be cleaned today, all windows opened and aired out.
I go back to work tomorrow with a cheerful heart.
I will continue to try and get a daytime position, but while on nights, I will work on going to bed as soon as I get home in the morning and getting up when the kids get home.
I will have breakfast every morning.
I will walk at least three times a week.
I will continue with my PT exercises daily.
I will start taking the kids to the Y more often.
I will pray daily.
I will read my bible more often.
I will write in my blog more often.
I have decided that this is for me right now. I am writing for me but if anyone reads this, feel free to comment, call, write, etc.
For now, I have to do this for me.
This is my New Season.

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Amity said...

Love you so much and so glad you are writing!! Than you for the awesome birthday gifts!