Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring cleaning

So, I am still home, working on cleaning and organizing.
This morning, after dropping off the kids, I got the lawnmower out and started mowing. Got about 3/4's done when I realized that I was going over the same spot over and over. The blades will no longer engage! Argg. Jim will be home this afternoon and if he is not able to fix, I will go the to guy down the street where we got the mower and ask if he will come and fix it for us.
Next thing on my list of things to do is finish cleaning the kitchen and dining room, then to the bedroom and living room. I want to get this done by noon because Jim will be home around then and I want the house to be looking good. I have been home, don't want it to look like pigs live here. Or lazy old woman with messy, disorganized children...

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